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(baseball bat is just a prop, I don't play baseball or beat people up)

A little bit about me
My name, incase you missed it, is Mitro Viitala aka Gillmur and I'm a 26 year old artist from Finland.
I have about 22 years of drawing behind me, but I haven't attended any kind of schools or classes for it, until I got into a graphic designing school when I was 18. Which was pretty cool.

I have been making music for about six years now and have built myself quite a skill set. It is what I love to do the most I would say. I just love playing with sounds and creating them in ways you would never think of.
Another specialty of mine is videos. Filming them, editing them and coming up with ideas. I have made a bunch of videos for myself and customers and always made songs/sounds for them too. 

So yeah, whatever you need I got you.
Feel free to contact me about ANYTHING!

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